Vermont’s GMO Addiction:

Pesticides, Polluted Water, and Climate Destruction

Biotechnology corporations have never been conservative with their public relations efforts, especially when trotting out new techniques aimed at market domination. Huge claims are made, and many people – scientists, lawyers, marketing professional and journalists – are paid, directly or indirectly, to make a great show of the claims. World hunger will be solved. Labor will be saved. And your bank accounts will explode. If only you adopt the latest and greatest methods, which, it just so happens, they’re selling. And so goes the story of modern industrial agriculture.

The advent of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) in agricultural crops came with a rush of corporate promises. But it was the promise of the reduction in toxic inputs – pesticides, fertilizers, etc. – that was the most featured rallying cry for GMO corporations… continue reading report (PDF).